Regionale Tradition und Kulturtransfer

Food Traditions and Cultural Transfer.
The Example of the Prince-Archiepiscopal City of Salzburg, 1500–1800

Case study on the function and parameters of the cultural practice of eating and drinking in the prince-archiepiscopal city of Salzburg.

Main questions to be answered:

  1. What were the main food traditions and which role did cultural exchange play in their development?
  2. Did social groups (such as the estates) develop distinct patterns of eating and drinking?
  3. What knowledge about food and dishes existed and which media and centres of communication were used to spread this knowledge?

Fields of analysis:

  • archiepiscopal court
  • monasteries and convents
  • gastronomy
  • urban bourgeoisie
  • closed institution (poor-houses, hospitals)

Project start: March 2016

Project team

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