To make Tatees for a Dish of Fish

Aus: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), Teil 2, S. 054


Take a Carp, or fat Eel, bone and shred it very small; to Half a Pound of this put four Ounces of Butter, which mix in the Shreding; boil four Eggs in the Shell, not hard, and put to the Yolks of those Eggs a very small Nutmeg grated, and the same Weight of Mace finely beaten; as much Salt as of both, and a very Little Parsley finely shred; mix These very well, and put them into Little square Pasties of hot Crust, or Puff-Crust, if you like it best. Fasten them very well, and fry them in a large Quantity of Lard, clarified Butter, Suet or Oil. You may roll this forc’d Fish into Balls with grated Bread; lay them round, and upon your Fish.


Pasteten zu Fischgerichten


Marlene Ernst

Marlene Ernst (Transkription): "To make Tatees for a Dish of Fish", in: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), Teil 2, S. 054,
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