To make Raisin Wine, far excelling White-Port

Aus: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), Teil 2, S. 073

Herkunftsbezeichnung(en): Malaga Rosinen


In a Mashing-tub, or other such like Vessel, to every Gallon of cold Water put five Pounds of Malaga Raisins, Stalks and all; these latter chop’d small. The newer your Fruit the better. Stir them very often for three Days at least. You will perceive when they begin to ferment, by a white Froth rising when you stir them. Draw off the Liquor into a Cask, which you must keep filling as it works over. Press the Fruit very well, and let what comes from it stand two Days to settle before you draw it off to mix with the former Draught. Leave the Bung-hole open so long as you find it working, and then stop it up very close; but do not bottle off your Liquor till you are sure it is fine.

If you would rather have Wine of a bright French Claret Colour, you need only add to each Gallon a Pint of strain’d Elder-berry Juice. It is much the better Way to bake the Berries in some large earthen Pan; which Method not only sweetens the Juice, and renders it more agreeable to the Palate, but also makes it keep good much longer.

But if you chuse a rough Wine, bake, as above, a Quantity of Sloes, and add to each Gallon Half a Pint of their Juice strain’d, and you will have as fine and as well flavour’d a Wine as any red Port you ever tasted, and far excelling most of the Wines to be had of our Vintners, and for which we are obliged to pay such exorbitant Prices.





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