To make Asparagus Soop

Aus: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), Teil 2, S. 055

Herkunftsbezeichnung(en): Französische Brötchen


Take twelve Pound of lean Beef cut in Slices; then put a Quarter of a Pound of Butter in a Stew-pan over the Fire, and put in your Beef; let it boil quick till it Begins to Brown, then put in a Pint of Brown Ale, and a Gallon of Water, and cover it Close; let it stew gently for an Hour and an Half; put in what Spice you like in the Stewing; strain out the Liquor, and take off all the Fat; then put in some Sallery washed and cut small, Half a Hundred of Asparagus broke or cut small, and Palates boiled tender and cut; put these in, and let them boil gently till tender. Just as it is going to be taken up, fry a Handful of Spinage in Butter, and throw in a French Roll.




Marlene Ernst

Marlene Ernst (Transkription): "To make Asparagus Soop", in: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), Teil 2, S. 055,
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