To make a Sagoe Pudding

Aus: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), Teil 2, S. 052


Take Half a Pound of Sagoe, and wash it well in three or four Waters; then put to it a Quart of new Milk, and let it boil till it is as thick as Hasty-Pudding; stir it carefully, lest it should burn; put in a Stick of Cinamon when you set it on the fire, and take it out when it is boiled. Before you pour it out stir in near Half a Pound of Butter; beat nine Eggs with four Spoonsful of Sack; leave out four Whites; stir all together, sweeten it to your Taste, and put in a Quarter of a Pound of plump’d Currants; lay a Sheet of Puff-paste under, and so garnish the Dish.




Marlene Ernst

Marlene Ernst (Transkription): "To make a Sagoe Pudding", in: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), Teil 2, S. 052,
online unter: (18.08.2022).

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