To dry Oranges in Knots or Lemmons

Aus: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), S. 052


Rasp the Oranges or Lemmons with a sharp Knife, as thin and as small as you can, and break the Rasping as little as you can, that the Outside Rind may make but two or three Knots; then cut the Oranges, and pick out all the Meat; and the white Rind makes another Sort of Knots: Let both the Rinds lye two Days in a Sieve, or broad Pan, before you boil them, or they will break; then put them in cold Water, and boil them about an Hour; let them drain well from the Water, and clarify as much single-refin’d Sugar as will cover them very well; when the Syrup is cold put them in, and let them stand four or five Days; dry them out as you use them; and when you take any out to dry, boil them which you leave in the Syrup. They must be candy’d out thus: Take as many as you desire to dry; the white Halves must be cut in Rings, or Quarters, as you like them; then take as much clarify’d Sugar as will cover them; boil them very fast a great while, ’till the Sugar shall blow, which you may see, if you put in a Ladle with Holes, and blow thro’, you will see the Sugar fly from the Ladle; then take it off, and rub the Candy against the Pan Sides, and round the Bottom, ’till the Sugar looks Oily; then put them out on a Sieve, to let the Sugar run from them; and as quick as possible lay them in Knots on another Sieve; set them in a Stove, they will be dry in an Hour or two: If you do but a few at a Time, the Syrup you put to them at first will do them out. Whole Oranges or Lemmons are done the fame Way, only boil the whole after they are rasp’d, and cut a Hole at the Top, and pick out all the Meat after they are boil’d, and before they are put in the Syrup; and when they are laid on a Sieve to dry, put the Piece in again.


Kandierte Orangen oder kandierte Zitronen



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