To dry Green Plums

Aus: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), S. 025


Take the green Amber Plum, prick it all over with a Pin; make Water boiling hot, and put in the Plums, be sure you have so much Water, that it be not cold with the Plums going in; cover them very close, and when they are almost cold, set them on the Fire again, but not to let them boil; do so three or four Times; when you see the thin Skin crack’d, fling in a Handful of Allum fine beaten, and keep them in a Scald ’till they begin to be green, then give them a Boil close cover’d: When they are green, let them stand all Night in fresh hot Water; the next Day have ready as much clarify’d Sugar as will cover them; drain your Plums, put them into the Syrup, and give them two or three Boils; repeat it two or three Days, ’till they are very clear; let them stand in their Syrup above a Week; then lay them out on Sieves, in a hot Stove, to dry: If you would have your Plums green very soon, instead of Allom, take Verdigreece finely beaten, and put in Vinegar; shake it in a Bottle, and put it into them when the Skin cracks; let them have a Boil, and they will be very soon green; you may put some of them in Codling-Jelly, first boiling the Jelly with the Weight in Sugar.


Kandierte Zwetschken (Pflaumen)



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