To Collar a Calf’s Head

Aus: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), Teil 2, S. 004


Take a Calf’s Head, with the Skin and Hair upon it; then scald it to fetsch the Hair off; parboil it enough to get the Bones from it while it is hot; split it on the Fore-part, and season it with Pepper, Salt, Cloves, Mace, Nutmeg, and sweet Herbs shred small, and all mix’d together with the Yolks of three or four Eggs, which spread over the Head, and roll it up hard. Boil it gently for three Hours in as much Water as will cover it; when it is tender, it is boiled enough. If you do the Tongue, first boil it and peel it, and slice it thin, as likewise the Palate, and put them and the Eyes in the Inside of the Head before you roll it up. When the Head is taken out, season the Pickle with Salt, Pepper and Spice, and give it a Boil, adding to it a Pint of White Wine, and as much Vinegar. When it is cold put in the Collar, and cut it in slices when you use it.


Kalbskopfrollbraten (Collared Calf's Head)


Marlene Ernst

Marlene Ernst (Transkription): "To Collar a Calf’s Head", in: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), Teil 2, S. 004,
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