To Brew North-Down Ale

Aus: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), Teil 2, S. 084

Herkunftsbezeichnung(en): North Down


Boil your Water as long as any Scum will arise, which you must throw away; then set it to cool till it be of a right Heat, for if it be put into the Mashing-tub too hot, the Drink will be very high coloured. The Means you must take, to be sure of its being in a just Heat, are as follow;

Take a wooden Trencher, which, after you have dip’d it in the Liquor, you must bestrew with some of your dry Malt, and put into the Water. If the Malt leaves the Trencher, and swims on the Water, you may depend it is then fit to use; otherwise, if it sticks to the Trencher, the Liquor must stand longer. Another Way to be inform’d of its exact Heat is when the Reek or Steam has left the Water, so that you may clearly see the Image of your Hand in it.

As soon as your Water is ready, you must put the Quantity sufficient to make a Hogshead of Ale upon five Bushels of Malt, which, before you let it run, must stand an Hour and an Half. As soon as you have drawn it off, you must put it up in another Tub, in which three Bushels of Malt, and two Bushels of the best Wheat-Bran mix’d together were, and let it stand an Hour longer. After you have strew’d some Bran or dry Malt on the Surface, and covered it with a Cloth, to prevent the Heat from evaporating, otherwise it may be too cold to exract the Virtue of the Malt, you draw it off, and put it into a Copper, together with the Quantity of one Quart of dry Malt more, and boil the whole together, as long as any white Froth ariseth on it, which will be three Quarters of an Hour, tho‘ it won’t hurt it, but rather adds to its Goodness, were it to be longer in the Copper. One good Handful of Hops is enough for a Hogshead, which should be put into the Wort along with the Quart of dry Malt, when first you put it into the Copper. If you chuse to have Beer made without Hops, a Pound of good Ginger well beaten or ground with a Mill, and boil’d along with the Beer, will render it much more wholsome, and less liable to spoil in the Keeping. As soon as your Beer is boil’d as long as you shall think proper, you draw it off, and set it to cool in shallow open Tubs made on purpose; then with a Pint of Yeast put into a Quart of Beer Luke-warm, or less than Blood-warm, you by Degrees mix the whole Brewing, and set it to work, observing that it be not too hot when the Yeast is put in, the Consequence of which will be, the Drink will be affected with a disagreeable Taste; on the other Hand, if it be too cold it will not work at all, and you will be obliged in frosty or cold Weather to warm it over a Fire, before the Yeast will have the desired Effect.

If you intend your Beer for keeping, you may tun it within six Hours after it has acquired a Head; but if your Design be for speedy drinking, let it stand full twelve Hours.

As the Virtue of the eight Bushels of Malt can’t be wholly extracted by one Hogshead of Water, you may take the five Bushels of Malt, the three Bushels that were mix’d with two of Bran, and putting them together, mash them over again, and set aside the first Runing for Ale, and a second for small Beer.


North Down Ale



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