It is indeed true, that the Liquor call’d Geneva, or, more vulgarly, Gin, becoming of late Years but too common, has been the Occasion of much Mischief and many Disorders; but the best Things may be abus’d. Divers are of Opinion, that a Liquor honestly distill’d from Juniper-Berries must be, in many Respects, preferable to all other Drams: Tho‘ some Physicians affirm all Drams to be pernicious.

The Juniper-tree grows wild upon many Hills in Surrey and Oxfordshire, and particularly upon Juniper-Hill near Hildersham in Cambridgeshire; and in several other Parts of England. The Berries are most commonly gather’d about August. The Astrological Botanists advise us to pull them when the Sun is in Vigo.

The Juniper-Berry is of so great Reputation in the Northern Nations, that they use it as we do Coffee and Tea: especially the Laplanders, who do almost adore it. Simon Pauli (a learned Dane) assures us, that these Berries have perform’d Wonders in the Stone, which he did not learn from Books or common Fame, but from his own Observation and Experience: for he produces two very notable Examples, being himself tormented grievously with the Stone, and found incredible Success in the Use of these Berries; and I have heard it affirm’d, that our most ingenious and famous Dr. Troutbeck did highly commend a Medicine prepar’d of them in this Distemper. Besides, Schroder knew a Nobleman of Germany, who freeed himself from the intolerable Symptroms of the Stone, by a constant Use of these Berries. Ask any Physician, and he will bestow upon them a much finer Character than my rude Pencil can draw. The learned mr. Evelyn tells us what great and kind Services he had done to his poor sick Neghbours, with a Preparation of Juniper-Berries, and is pleas’d to honour them with the Title of the Forester’s Panacaea: He extols them in the Wind-Cholic, and many other Distempers. Do but consult Bauhinus and Schroder (the first being the most exact Herbal, the other the most faithful and elaborate Dispensatory ever publish’d) and you will find great Commendations of these Berries in Dropsies, Gravel, Coughs, Consumptions, Gout, Stoppage of the Menses, Epilepsies, Palsies and Lethargies; in all which there are often ill Appetites, bad Digestions and Obstructions.

Take one Spoonful of the Spirit of Juniper-Berries, four Grains of the Salt of Juniper, three Drops of the Oil of Juniper-Berries well rectified; mix them all together, drink them Morning and Night in a Glass of White-wine, and you will have no contemptible Medicine in all the aforemention’d Diseases.

Now it is probable that you have both the Spirit, Salt and Oil of this Berry in a simple Decoction of it, provided it be carefully and skilfully manag’d. If this will not satisfy, do but read Benjamin Scarffius, and Joh. Michael, who have publish’d in Germany two several Books of the Juniper, and you may meet with far more persuasive Arguments than I can pretend to offer you. One Ounce of the Berry well cleans’d, bruis’d and mash’d, will be sufficient for a Pint of Water. When you boil them in this Water you must stop your Vessel very carefully, and when you take it off put in a Spoonful of Sugar-candy, and let it cool cover’d:




Marlene Ernst

Marlene Ernst (Transkription): "Juniper-Berry", in: Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner (1718-1742), Teil 2, S. 094,
online unter: (08.08.2022).

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